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Luke Baxter


Luke Baxter holds an MA in Latin American literature, and trained as a teacher in Madrid, where he was a founder, shareholder and Academic Director of English Experience, an academy that specialized in the teaching of business English to corporations. On his return to the United Kingdom, he moved into publishing. He joined Richmond in 2010, where he has been behind the move to deliver Richmond Learning Platforms, which integrate Portals with downloadable content, a VLE with a wealth of interactive content and Test Studio. Luke has been involved in new digital initiatives from Richmond which have been recognized for their innovation: The Big Picture App and Business Theories, both nominated for British Council ELTon Awards and The Richmond Mazes, which won the 2015 English Speaking Union’s President’s Award. Luke has been heavily involved in the Personal Best project working across both digital and paper components.

Personal Best inside and outside class

The Personal Best package offers students a variety of digital content so that they can continue practising what they have covered in class outside the classroom. This package includes the Personal Best App as well as all the Extra Practice Activities available on the Richmond Learning Platform.
In this presentation, we will look at some of the debates around homework and its value. We will look at how homework can be maximised for effective learning by both teachers and learners. We will see how the Personal Best digital package gives students the kind of practice that will make their homework meaningful, useful and successful. We will examine how this kind of homework is of benefit to teachers by having motivated students, who are achieving improved learning outcomes. Finally, we will see how the Richmond Learning Platform helps teachers to monitor their students’ progress by tracking students’ results in the Markbook. The presentation will show how the ideas of Jim Scrivener, the Personal Best Series Editor, underpin the practice that is delivered as part of the Personal Best digital package.

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