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Carol Lethaby


Carol Lethaby (MA TESOL, with distinction, University of London Institute of Education) has been involved in ELT since 1986 and working with teachers since 1994. She is a teacher, teacher trainer, author and ELT consultant, having developed materials and tutored on several distance-learning courses for the British Council and various universities in Mexico. She has also designed and run numerous on-site teacher training and education courses, including internationally recognized teaching certificates and diplomas. She has worked with both pre-service and in-service teachers, including University of Cambridge COTE/ICELT and DELTA, as well as Trinity College ESOL Certificates and numerous distance learning courses at Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor's and Master's levels.
She was awarded the 2012 Honored Instructor award by UC Berkeley Extension, Berkeley, CA. Her writing credits include several textbook series, including co-authoring English iD and The Big Picture for Richmond.

Teaching: adapting to the world and learners in it

What’s it like to be an English language learner in 2017? In this talk I’ll summarize some of the current research and trends in language teaching, including the ideas of post-communicative pedagogy, the expanding role and importance of non-native speaker teachers, the use of technology in education, and advances in neuroscience. Are young learners today really crazy about technology in all its forms? What can brain science tell us about how we learn? How is teaching methodology adapting to the world and the language learners in it? What’s the place of NNESTs and NESTs in teaching today? There may be some surprises! I’ll discuss what all this means particularly for language teaching and learning in Latin America. Together let’s think about how the field is changing and how with these changes come new prospects for language teachers and language learners.

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