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Personal Best

Personal Best is a 6-level General English course for today’s busy young adults who want to maximize their English language learning experience. Developed with Series Editor Jim Scrivener, internationally renowned teacher trainer and presenter, it brings together his focus on practice as a driver of improvement for students and a 21st century course package with an integrated Web-based video show and the Personal Best Language App.

There are two key ideas that power the concept of Personal Best:
It’s Personal: The course focuses on students as individuals who learn at different speeds and have different strengths and weaknesses.
It helps learners achieve their Best: To help students reach their full potential, we have focused on the vital role of PRACTICE. The course makes sure that students can actually take away the language they can use.

PRACTICE at the heart of learning
We believe that typically students struggle with new language because they simply don’t get sufficient practice. They need lots of safe opportunities to try out using new language. Personal Best offers them a wealth of practice in a variety of exercises, tasks and games in the Student’s Book, Workbook, the Personal Best Language App, the Richmond Learning Platform and the innovative ‘3xPractice’ feature in the Teacher’s Book. - Jim Scrivener, Series editor -

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About Personal Best

Grammar is taught in stand-alone lessons, separate from skills work. In many coursebooks, students have to understand difficult reading or listening passages before they can extract and study grammar points. In Personal Best language work is not tangled up within long reading or listening texts. The pronunciation syllabus focuses on connected speech to help with recognising and producing language. Lexis is prioritized. Personal Best includes two or more vocabulary sets per unit. Vocabulary items are useful and relevant for students and are used in discussions or tasks or for other work on a topic. Above all, PRACTICE is given priority in the course.

There is a comprehensive skills syllabus. Students can see what is being focused on in the Listening Builder, Conversation Builder, Text Builder and Skill boxes. Reading and listening skills pages are designed not as vehicles for grammar presentations, but rather they develop learners' skills and strategies. Serious attention is paid to helping students speak and write more effectively. Students are challenged to make use of selected functional language and to improve specific speaking or writing skills. There are clear task goals and cumulative aims for speaking and writing activities.